I am an artist,

painter and poet

Shira Chai

To be clear the concepts that I am dealing with are bigger than the words in my poetry. They are bigger than the imagery that I paint. They are the concepts of love and hate; peace and war; of comfort and suffering; of gain and loss. Consequently I must pose the questions: How do I best convey these concepts in images and in words? Also how can I control substance and verse without one dominating the other?

I began by exploring the physical lettering within the composition. My natural approach is to write my poetry in cursive script. For me it is the easiest method.

Coincidentally I noticed textures in painting, the grain, the brushstrokes, impasto, aging varnish and cracking paint. I embarked on a focal point of certain features of my paintings topographically like a window frame or my mother's hair, blades of grass. Then I discovered if I embossed the words of my poetry into the paint I add depth and profundity.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of my work it is advisable to read the poem in the painting. My work is an exploration of the relationship between the word and the image

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My studio was featured on this page in: Hyperallergic: 'A View From the Easel'

In May 2015 I exhibited my paintings in Jaffa/Tel Aviv at an Art Event: "Between Two Worlds"

I also presented a solo exhibition of my paintings, August/September 2015 at the W Tower Tel Aviv, Nissim Aloni Street 6, curated by Lori Pszenica. "Longing in Words and Paintings"

With positive feedback I also showed a solo exhibition of my paintings in February/March, 2016 at Beit Silber, Derek Abba Silber 7, Diamond Exchange District, Ramat Gan, Israel curated by Lori Pszenica. "Yearning in Words and Paintings"

n October/November I participated in a group show at Beit Rubinstein, Tel Aviv curated by Lori Pszenica, entitled "It is Sacred to me, my Country"