From a Review of an Exhibition of Seven Women Artists at the "Tower"

By Karni Am'ad - HaKibbutz, June 25 1992

"Shira Chai is perhaps the most original and interesting of the seven women artists. She is exhibiting plexiglass umbrellas, on which are paintings and letters, which float in the 'Tower's' space,and which suggests a new feminine-artistic perspective which does not refrain from any method to convey a message of sensual experience. Images of different women appear on the transparent umbrellas, colored in soft pastels: a face in close up, a naked figure, a household article. Between the delicate paintings appear poems which Chai wrote to her little daughter: 'Rock-a-bye daughter tucked, under my arm nuzzling at my breast, miniature limbs wrap, 'round my neck rest on my hip, quivering lip, tear down her cheek, runny eyes, runny nose.'..."

I am glad to announce that my studio is featured on this page in:

Hyperallergic: 'A View From the Easel'

From a Review in 'Hakibbutz, Yediot'

August 28, 2015

"Longing in Words and Paintings, An exhibition by Shira Chai, a member of Kibbutz Ein-Dor is presented these days in the W Tower, Tel Aviv (Curator: Lori Pszenica). This is the third solo exhibition, born in the United States, has a BA in Art, who worked also for many years in the cultural life of her kibbutz.

Chai shows works in which images and poems (in English) appearing together. She scratches into her work and highlights objects and text. She said this did not explain the painting but offers depth.

Closing of the exhibition 6.10"

Another review in 'Hakibbutz, Yediot'

March 18, 2016

My poem in this painting First Cloudburst was published in IAWE arc-24 literary journal.

A solo exhibition of my paintings is featured in 'Art City' an online journal of Israeli art.

A solo exhibition of my paintings is also featured in 'Scooper' the media center, online.

Here is my interview with Haim Rotter. We discuss my paintings at Beit Rubinstein, Tel Aviv until November 29th. I also recited my poetry in the paintings. BESTlife TV with Haim Rotter